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I have always wanted a library where people could come and relax, drink tea, and read. This comes from my love of reading. Back in 2017, I asked the universe to help me start my library and soon thereafter, the universe answered.

One day, a woman named Suzanne came into the shop with her mother. Over the years, she had collected a large number of items that were witchy and spiritual in nature. She wanted to donate these items because she was looking to start on a new path. I told her I would love her collection.

Suzanne and her mother continued to look around the shop and I could see her father in spirit was with them. I asked if I could give them a message from him and they said yes. I continued with what he wanted them to know and then they thanked me, and we started to talk again. It’s a long story, but Suzanne ended up donating most of her collection to the shop, and four years later, she has become a good friend. She also decided to say on her spiritual path.

That first donation was just the beginning. The universe has continued to send me people looking to donate books and the Bewitched Library has amassed a magical collection of books on healing, metaphysical, history, witches, and more.

So, if you are in the area and you want to stop in to meet the Bewitches and enjoy a good book and tea, we welcome you to our library room. 

Knowledge is power.

Roxanne Jasparro

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