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Psychic Medium Roxanne Jasparro leads a paranormal team of investigators who investigate the paranormal in homes and various locations.

Our team has a variety of psychics, witches, and Shamans with various abilities, including the ability to remote view locations. Roxanne has been on the Travel Channel for paranormal shows helping investigators figure out what is going on in a location and as a paranormal healer to assist clients to live in harmony among the deceased.

Case Study: The Glebe House

Our investigation of The Glebe house in Woodbury CT.

Ghost Voice Caught Video

Here is the clip for those who have a hard time hearing the spirit voice that was recorded on my iPhone recording at the closing of our investigation at the Glebe House. A K-2 meter is a paranormal tool used to see if a spirit is in the room.

Case Study: Woodbury Library

Case Study: Woodbury Library 2

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